‘Tumbling Sky’ – 3rd Album ideas page

These are demos of songs for my 3rd album. HEALTH WARNING – I can’t sing very well, and these are here for friends who are kindly giving feedback. They aren’t finished, so please don’t let these be representative of my music! Instead visit mattsearles.bandcamp.com for properly recorded songs!


Have mercy on me Lord (Psalm 57)

Have mercy on me Lord
You’re my strength in every trial
You’re my shelter from the storm
Have mercy on me Lord
I will sing beneath the shadow
Of your strong and mighty wings
Though I lie down amongst the lions, you are there
Though I may walk through the fire, I’ll not be harmed

Be exalted Lord! Let your glory fill the earth!
Be exalted Lord! Let your glory fill the earth, fill the earth!

When darkness closes in
And my enemies surround me
You will save me from all shame
Awake my soul
I will praise your great salvation
With a song I’ll wake the dawn
Your love is high above the heavens, you know my name
Your faithfulness toward your people will never end

I have seen you (Psalm 63)

Saviour you are my God
I seek you with all of my heart
My body and soul cry out for you
I’ll praise you as long as I live
With every breath that you give
I will lift up my hands to you
You satisfy my soul

I have seen you in the sanctuary and known your power, beheld your glory
Your love is greater than anything this life could give or world afford me

I think of you in the night
With terrors on every side
I’m safe in the shadow of your wings
No enemy could stand
Before your mighty hand
Soon you will crush beneath our feet
The power of sin

I have seen you…

And when my faith is weak, strong arms hold me
I fear my feet may slip, your right arm holds me fast

I have seen you…

Praise awaits you Lord most high (Psalm 65)

Praise awaits you Lord most high
O God in Zion
You who answer every prayer
To you all men will come
When we were overwhelmed by sin
You washed each stain away
How blessed are those who dwell with you
Filled with riches from your heavenly grace

You answer us with righteous deeds
O God our Saviour
Hope of all the farthest seas
The joy of all the earth
You formed the mountains by your power
You armed yourself with strength
You stilled the roaring of the waves
And the turmoil of the nations

You care for all that you have made
You bless the barren ground
Streams in the desert, gentle rain
The harvest will abound
You crown the year with every good
Creation sings your praise
When morning dawns and evening fades
We will bless you for your holy name


O lord how many are my foes (Psalm 3)

O Lord how many are my foes
How many rise up over me
How many say you will not save
That you will not deliver me
You are a shield around me Lord
Bestowing glory on my head
To you O Lord I cry aloud
You answer from your holy hill

I lie down and sleep, I wake again
The Lord sustains my life
I will not be afraid of evil men
Ranged up on every side

Arise O Lord, deliver me
Deliver me O Lord my God
Strike all my foes upon the jaw
And break the teeth of evil men

I lie down..

Salvation belongs to you alone, come bless your people now
Salvation belongs to you alone, come bless your people now

My soul finds rest in God alone (Psalm 62)

My soul find rest in God alone
Salvation comes from him my rock
My strong defence against the foe
He holds me firm no more to fall
How long O man will you attack
And throw me down, this leaning wall
Their words are sweet but in their hearts
They feed on lies and curse the Lord

Find rest my soul in God alone
The source of all my joy and hope
My strong defence against the foe
He holds me firm no more to fall
The Lord most high sustains my life
A place of peace amidst the waves
O put your trust in God our rock
Pour out your hearts and know his grace

How frail is man, just like a breath
Both rich and poor arise and fall
When wealth may come, preserve your hearts
Don’t set your hope on earthly gold
One thing O Lord you said to me
That you are good and you are strong
You will reward to every man
According to the things we’ve done


Just like the eyes of a servant (Psalm 123)

To you in heaven I lift my eyes
Almighty maker, enthroned on high
I look to you, O Lord, for mercy

Just like the eyes of a servant to the master’s hand
We look to you
For everything that we need, in this earthly life
We look to you
Lord we will wait, we depend on your grace

We are surrounded by men of lies
By those who hate us and speak with pride
We look to you O Lord for mercy

Just like the eyes of a servant…

Glory to the Father and Son
Glory to the Spirit of God
Yesterday, today and forever, you are faithful

Just like the eyes of a servant…